Sheyenne Kreamer, Managing Partner, We Care Partnerships, LLC


Sheyenne believes that we are all “born with a song in our heart” for creating a unique gift to the world. The key to creating peace & prosperity in the world we live in requires each of us to find that unique passion, purpose & gift, learn how to package it as a product or service, and then find others with a similar passion & purpose for group collaboration and implementation. This is the basis for what she calls “social entrepreneurship”.

With these lofty goals in mind, Sheyenne has created a variety of classes, coaching programs, and apprenticeship programs to become a one-stop resource for products and services to help individuals and groups implement their vision. Our “stepping stones for success” methodologies allow us to work with people from 8 to 80, no matter what their current income situation is.

Sheyenne’s qualifications for this work include 12 years in manufacturing/project management, 6 years in recruiting & staffing, 20 years in career transition services which include both job search & entrepreneurial strategies.

She has taught classes at UNC-Greensboro, ECPI and The Friday Center at UNC-CH on “Sales & Marketing for Entrepreneurs & Consultants”, has conducted young entrepreneur summer camps, and continues to teach job search and entrepreneurial skills at Wake Technical Community College. She has also worked with NC State to bring the Live Your Song message to the corporate world. She was a speaker in 2018 at the Parliament of World Religions. Her students at Wake Tech have included people who have experienced the justice system and homelessness.

Why did you Start Your Business?

After my husband ran for governor in NC in 2012, we saw first-hand the level of corruption in the system.  It became obvious to us that positive change would not likely happen from “inside” the system.

So we set about to create a network of small business owners who would become part of the “new solutions system” in education, business, wellness and community.  We have been running several virtual teams in Wellness Empowerment, Prosperity Empowerment and a Conscious Community Builders Alliance.  We recently completed a Young Entrepreneur Experience to help fill gaps in education.

We are now building locally based teams to do the same kinds of things.  We are partnering with churches and organizations who want to help “do the change” we wish to see in the world.  Because WE are the miracle we’ve been waiting for!

What Problems Does Your Business Solve?

Our collaboration teams of small business owners come together to help empower groups of people to learn more about Wellness Empowerment, Prosperity Empowerment, Peace & Justice and Community Building.  Our educational seminars are designed to reach more people who are tired of suffering in our traditional systems.

So many of our societal systems have removed nature and natural law – our goal is to reintroduce these components back into various aspects of society.

We Care Partnerships plays a business development role for our members by helping to develop strategic alliances that create prospects for our members.  We also create a variety of other lead generation tools for them.  We help our alliance partners create additional income as we build our businesses.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Although we are not a “certified B corp”, we do consider ourselves a social enterprise.  While we are a for-profit enterprise, our goal is to use our profit to give us the freedom to help those who cannot pay us.

We are building multiple income streams consisting of membership fees, training and coaching programs and a variety of direct sales program commissions to allow us to help who we want, where we want and when we want.

What advice do you have for new Business Owners?

Adding a social impact component to your business is one of the most important things you can do.  Small business owners are the most amazing problem solvers on the planet.  It IS possible to partner with causes that matter to you.  You can always find ways to build your business, while simultaneously helping in the community,