It is far too easy to let the fear of other people’s opinions negatively impact how we show up in our businesses.
And yet,
If you truly want to see success in your business, you need to embrace this truth:
👉The only opinion that matters is those of your potential clients.
If you are still hiding the fact that you are a business owner for fear of what other people will think, then you are leaving so much opportunity on the table. 
The kind of opportunity that is lifechanging (yours and others).
Think about:
➡️All the potential clients that you could be SERVING that don’t event know you exist because you aren’t visible.
➡️All the potential clients who NEED what you can offer but are not aware that you could be the right guide to help them achieve it because you’ve never made an offer.
➡️All the potential clients who would be excited to pay to work with because they desire the RESULTS promised in your programs and instead remain unaware how to bridge the gap between problem and result because you’ve never drawn the connection for them.
You can never truly serve at the highest level if you never build an intentional strategy for getting visible and being a credible messenger for your ideal client.
It begins with letting go of the opinions of other people who are not your ideal clients.
I challenge you as we start a new week to take at least 1 action to get more visible with your business:
💡Update your LinkedIn profile to show you are a business owner ACTIVELY looking for new clients to serve.
💡Join a Facebook group of your ideal clients and INTRODUCE yourself via a post (note I didn’t say make a sales pitch.)
💡Post an update on your timeline showcasing your business and the RESULTS past clients have achieved as a result of working with you and spark curiosity around how you could do the same for them.
Change starts with you getting out of your own way.
I invite you to be accountable for taking this visibility challenge: simply send me email and share with me what action you took.
You’ve got this.👊
Your Business Success Coach,