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Joe Dichiara

Joe Dichiara


I was born to be an entrepreneur! At ten I ran a casino and made $. My parents shut me down but I’m certain that I’d be a casino owner today if they hadn’t. It seemed like I could always find a way to make money.

At seventeen, sensing that I was heading down the wrong path my father planted a seed. “CPA’s start big companies and advise business owners!” I never considered doing anything else.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of small business owners over the past 35-plus years. Helping entrepreneurs navigate the complicated and
often confusing details of running a small business has been a dream come true! My mission is to help protect, educate and guide entrepreneurs that have the same dream I had as
a kid.

IIf you have the same type of desire I had at ten I invite you to a free chat. Let’s discuss your possibilities!

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