Every Month You Have A Blank Check to Write In Your Business

Do you realize that every month in your business you begin with a blank check?

There are so many ways to create revenue and impact – except we often don’t think of it that way.

We get caught up stressing that there aren’t enough clients or that finding clients is HARD.

It isn’t really – it’s a story we tell ourselves.
In order to change the dialog we need to realize a very simple truth in business.

Most business growth follows a 90 day cycle pattern.

That means that your efforts in September are going to crescendo into December.

Yes there are exceptions to that rule – I call them unicorn clients. You know, the ones that show up from no where and want to start immediately and pay your rate without any negotiation of terms?

However these unicorns are rare.

Most new client growth takes time and you need to guide them through their doubts and questions.
Client prospects are deciding whether you are a credible guide to help them achieve the results they seek.
Client prospects are evaluating whether they like and trust you to follow through on your talk with actions that lead to the desired results.
Client prospects are evaluating whether they are confidence you are the right person who understands their unique struggles and hurdles and knows how to successfully navigate them to the results they desire.
This doesn’t happen over night and your growth is determined by the actions you take every day.

So, I’m asking you, what do you want your December pay cheque to be?

➡️You need to write that number down.
➡️You need to visualize it.
➡️You need to meditate on it – so much you can see and feel EXACTLY what it will BE like when you have it and cash that cheque.

Then you need to get to work with the right actions that will make that number a reality because without action you only have a dream.

You need an action plan that you can commit to (I’m not talking about committing for a few days but for an extended period of time.) A plan with built in accountability so that come December (and every month thereafter), you are celebrating and not stressing about your bank balance.

So again I ask you – what’s the number on your blank cheque and what is your support plan?

Don’t have one? Ask me about my VIP mentorship program that helps service based entrepreneurs grow to 6+ figures and beyond using high ticket offers. Previous clients have used this support to launch summits around the world, build their email lists 2000x and  launch high ticket programs and create raving fans.

It all begins with you.

➡️Declare it.
➡️Work for it.
➡️Celebrate it.
➡️Get the support you need to make it happen.

About the Author

Christine Campbell Rapin is a Business Success Coach and Lifestyle Strategist and is the owner of CLEAR Acceleration Inc. She also founded the online community Scale Your Business to 6 Figures & Beyond – For Service Based Entrepreneurs to help more female service based business owners reach that elusive milestone (less than 12% are reportedly earning 6 figures today and only 2% reach the million dollars in revenue mark).

She coaches, mentors and consults business owners who are looking to accelerate the growth of their business. She has an action bias focused around 3 core strategies to fuel growth: speaking, networking and hosting events.  She can help you to learn the business skills, cultivate the daily habits to become a successful business owner, to establish priorities and be accountable for focusing on progress over perfection.

Christine has a Bachelor of Commerce, an MBA in International  Business from the University of Edinburgh Scotland and is an International Best Selling Co-author.