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Gener8 Leadership Solutions

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My mission in life for the past 12+ years in my businesses has been to have a positive impact on as many people as I possibly can. Now, I feel blessed to be able to do this every day through my work as a certified Business and Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker.

I own two businesses: Gener8 Leadership Solutions ( – where I help people learn how to become better leaders and communicators through my association with Maxwell Leadership and using the DISC behavioural/communication model, and 90 Day Divas ( – where myself and two other coaches bring over 50 years’ of entrepreneurship experience to the table for the benefit of our clients – those people who want to step out and start a business or those who have fallen out of love with their existing business.

Given my experience helping hundreds of businesses, I can honestly say the lessons I and my family learned from walking away from our life in the U.S. to start a new life in New Zealand in 2010 can be directly applied to any business seeking to stand out…lessons like:
1. Be BOLD! Be courageous enough to stand out and do something unexpected.
2. Invest in yourself and your team
· Foster a positive, growth-oriented culture at all levels in your business.
· Create a shared vision that you and the team are working TOWARD.
· Focus on the really important things in your business – the 20% of activities or clients that will give you the highest ROI and help your business move forward faster.
3. Get in touch with your purpose. When your ‘reason for being’ shines through all you do, those clients who share your values will be drawn to your business. And aren’t they the ones you want to work with anyway?

I look forward to supporting YOU on YOUR journey in business. Feel free to reach out and connect with me anytime over a virtual coffee! I’ll bring the ZOOM connection. Or you can find out more about how I help my clients on my website or through my LinkedIn profile.


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