Diahana Barnes


I’m Diahana Barnes, Success Strategist, Coach, Mentor, and Consultant to executive visionary leaders who are ready to grow the business by inspiring others to take massive action. They want to communicate from the heart in a way that transforms lives and translates into increased sales and achieving big revenue goals.

I already know you’re great at what you do and you have a big vision. But having a vision and SHARING a vision in a way that’s powerful and impactful are two completely different things.

If you want help with the latter, I’m your woman.

How did I get here?
After nearly 10 years of trying to juggle both a demanding corporate job and a side business I finally, “retired” from the corporate world. Sometimes I still pinch myself at how lucky I am to finally be arm-in-arm with freedom. I never miss my kids’ volleyball games or swim meets, EVER. And when I’m there, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy who spends the whole time in the bleachers on his phone with the office when he should be watching the game. That used to be me. But now I am in complete harmony with myself, my business, and living the exact life I want with abundance.

At the end of the day, I’m just a recovering workaholic.
What are the moments I live for now?

Time off spent with my family. Because when you know your zone of genius and are in complete harmony you don’t have to work so much.
If I’m being honest, I’ve always identified as that driven corporate woman with the prestige, money and ambition that came with it. My husband was home with a flexible, fun business we co-owned, so he was always with the kids while I was at work.

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